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If I don’t deliver on time, you get 20% off.

Founder of WebFurnace digital marketing agency - Josh Boucher

I started WebFurace as a freelance website designer to help Australian businesses with their digital dilemmas.

Today, the website industry is over-inflated with too many pretend experts overcharging for second-rate work. I’m here to put them to rest.

Josh Boucher

Founder & Website Freelancer

Benefits Of A Website Freelancer

You won't find a better freelance web developer for hire anywhere else

Based on Sydney's North Shore

20% off if I don't deliver on time

After hours customer support

To give you the best website experience possible, I aim to deliver on everything that matters.

This means affordability, delivery, service quality, customer support and whatever it takes to make me the best website freelancer.

No matter how many website or service related questions you might have, I’m more than happy to answer.

My goal in making websites is to help Australian businesses and do it better than my competitors.

I’ve worked with larger digital agencies myself – so I have the experience and skills it takes to give you better value than an agency could.

Pricing Plans


For businsess that just need to get online
$ 899 +$50/mo hosting
  • Up to 4 pages
  • 10 day delivery
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • CDN
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO optimised
  • Custom design
  • Website maintenance
  • Search console integration


The best option if you need digital ads
$ 1399 +$50/mo hosting
  • Up to 7 pages
  • 14 day delivery
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • CDN
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO optimised
  • Custom design
  • Website maintenance
  • Search console integration
  • Analytics integration
  • Digital marketing guidance


For businesses selling products
From $ 999 +$50/mo hosting
  • Shopify / WooCommerce
  • 14 day delivery
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • CDN
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO optimised
  • Custom design
  • Website maintenance
  • Search console integration
  • Analytics integrations
  • Digital marketing guidance
  • Conversion Rate Optimised Design


Some website functionality isn’t natively available in website builders.

In these cases, websites rely on 3rd party software and the providers usually have their own pricing schemes, some with a free tier and some without.

If your website will need 3rd party software, I’ll let you know before any development begins if any extra costs will be involved. This is my promise to you as your highly qualified website freelancer.

Some of the most common features that involve 3rd party softwares:

  • Email marketing
  • Automations
  • Live chat systems
  • Login and membership systems
  • Booking systems

State of the Art Technology

WebFurnace is not only your freelance website designer, but keeps you ahead of your competitors using nothing but market leading softwares.

With my solutions, you’ll never have to worry about scalability, future-proofing or unreliable systems dragging you down.

My choice softwares are based on what’s leading the market, ongoing development and future sustainability. Software choice is important to get right the first time as it builds the foundations for future work.

As the best website freelancer, I also go above and beyond, checking out what’s in the market for your specific industry and identifying what unique tools could be useful for you.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.


You do! I’ll still have access after it’s completed for maintenance and updating purposes but the ownership is yours. Some freelance website designers and agencies will withhold access to your website so you don’t actually own what you pay for.

Yes, you certainly can. If you’re not sure what’s a good starting point you can always start small and build up from there.

Yes, I will write content for the website based on information you provide to me and my own additional research of your industry or niche.

I strongly encourage you to have your own images. Your own photos help to build the authenticity and image of your business.

If you don’t have any images or will be getting them in the future, I can find some stock images as placeholders in the meantime but they may not be the best representation of your business.

I sure can! In addition to providing the best freelance websites, advertising is another core service I offer.

My main focus for advertising is within the Google network but depending on what you’re advertising, another platform may be better. In that case, I am able to refer you to advertisers in my network.

For some changes, yes.

I’m happy to do some changes for free because they’re fast and it saves you trouble. These include swapping images, replacing old content with new content you have prepared and other minor changes.

Changes I charge for are generally larger and more time consuming tasks like design changes and new features.

I’m always more than happy to discuss if you’re unsure.

Absolutely! I can even provide some training on how to edit your website depending on what you’re aiming to do.

Some of the most common reasons you may want to edit yourself are: editing product prices, swapping images and adding or removing content.

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