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FREE Account Setup

Agencies charge up to $2000 before Google Ads management starts

Agencies and freelancers will usually charge a set up fee. Sometimes this is disguised as a joining fee, sign-up fee or onboarding fee.

But why should you get punished just for starting a new platform? At WebFurnace, we don’t charge anything like a setup fee.

Don’t spend $2000 in set up fees when you could be pay for management or increase your ad budget instead.


FREE Google Ads Audit

Clear actionable steps to improve your account

If you’re running campaigns yourself or want to assess how your current Google Ads managers are doing, then an account audit is for you.

Get a professional assessment alongside clear, actionable steps to improve your Google Ads account.

When you action our audit, your account will be on the right track with recommended best practices under your own management.


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Agencies charge $2000 for setup. Put that towards ad management or ad budget instead.

Full account setup including strategy, campaign building and conversion tracking.

Google Ads Management

From $1000/mo

From $2000/mo

Data-driven decisions to maximise your ROI. Google Ads management includes ongoing optimisations, reporting and recommendations to other aspects of your marketing.



Struggling with Google Ads? Reach out!

Get a professional assessment of your account’s setup and structure with clear actions you can take to improve performance. No obligations!

About WebFurnace

Based on Sydney's North Shore.

Expertise in websites, SEO and other advertising platforms.

Discussions, not sales. You won't get pushed into any services that won't actually benefit you.

Affordable rates to help facilitate the growth of your business.

Responsive and proactive communication. You won't always be the initiator of conversation.

Strategy that aligns with your other marketing efforts.

Founder of WebFurnace digital marketing agency - Josh Boucher

Hi, I’m Josh. I’ve been in digital marketing for years and have trained several paid ads specialists in digital agencies.

I recently started WebFurnace to help businesses avoid paying for second rate work done by self proclaimed experts and sometimes other agencies.

So before you consider another agency, consider this instead: whichever agency you choose, I either trained their senior google ads specialist, or I trained their competitor to crush them.

Josh Boucher

Founder & Google Ads Specialist

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

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