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Don't wait months for results. Advertise on Google for returns sooner rather than later.

When you need results and need them fast, advertising online is what gets you there.

The benefit of advertising on Google over other platforms is you’re able to directly target customers actively searching for the products or services you provide.

No need to warm up your audience like you would have to with Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Google Ads aren’t just limited to the search engine too.

You can advertise products on  the Google Shopping channel, your store on Google Maps and even promotional content on YouTube.

Utilising each channel correctly is how you maximise conversions for your brand, whether your goal is website traffic, lead generation, purchases or store visits.

Having an experienced account manager is critical for Google Ads. It’s the difference between aligning your advertising campaigns with your marketing strategy and throwing money out the window.

An experienced team like ours will be able to help you from one end to the other. This includes marketing strategy, landing pages, conversion tracking, conversion rate optimisation, split testing and plenty more.

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Google Ads Management Services

Account Setup

Advertising campaigns are curated for you based on the marketing strategy that best fits your brand.

Whether your goal is more website traffic, lead generation, store visits or purchases, we can build the strategy to get you there.

Google Ads Management

Ensure your ad campaigns are always performing their best with professional ongoing management.

We constantly optimise your ad campaigns with new data it gathers to maximise your ROI.

Account Audit

Need a professional opinion on your existing account? No problem!

We provide extensive assessments covering conversion tracking, campaign performance, targeting, account structure and more.

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The truth is, sometimes. The correct answer will always depend on factors like your product/service, your target audience, your brand image and plenty more. Testing is the only way to truly know which platform is the best for your brand.

If you have budget for only one then we recommend to start with advertising because SEO will consume your budget and may or may not see results after months of service payments. Advertising online has the advantages of being able to generate leads as soon as your marketing campaigns are live with easily measurable results.

The cost is different for every industry and niche due to the different levels of competition.

The two ongoing fees for Google Ads are the management fee and the advertising budget. If you don’t have an account set up, you may also incur a setup fee.

At WebFurnace, we have adaptive packages for businesses of all sizes. We understand some businesses are just starting out and it might feel like advertising is too expensive so reach out to see if we have a solution for you!

Yes, Google Ads was formerly knows as Google Adwords. The rebrand occurred in 2018 but you’ll still see the platform called Adwords on occasion.

A single webpage is all that’s required to run Google Ads. We actually recommend to not use your website because in most cases websites contain an abundance of links for customers to click away from what you’re trying to offer and eventually exit.

A dedicated landing page is the ideal solution to maximise conversion rates although this is not always realistic and in this case it’s fine to use a regular website.

For sure. An internal marketing team will always know your brand better than a marketing agency but there’s also a tradeoff. Marketing agencies work with a plethora of businesses and the marketing industry inside and out. This is arguably more favourable than familiarity with your brand as the marketing is what gets the results. If your business is on the larger side, the most optimal solution is to have your internal marketing team collaborate with your marketing agency to get the best of both worlds.

At WebFurnace, we provide many services to complement our Google Ads management such as Web Design & Development, Landing Pages, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

If you’re thinking of another platform to precede or supplement Google Ads, we offer Facebook and Instagram ads, Microsoft ads, strategies for influencer marketing and plenty more.

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