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A Website is your best starting point for doing any business online

Whether you want your business to show up on Google or you’re interested in online advertising, a website is a must have.

When someone is interested in your business, one of the first things they will do is look you up.

Not having a website leaves a bad impression on your customers because professionals are generally expected to have a website.

Even worse – you’re losing potential income.

Every time someone searches for you and you’re not there, you’re letting your competitors steal your customers.

To show up on Google when someone looks up your business, a website is the bare minimum requirement.

Your websites can be a massive point of growth for your business too.

Websites open up the possibility of online marketing on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.

And they open up a whole new world in automating your business processes.

Your website doesn’t just have to be the face of your business, it can be an integral part of how you run and grow your business too.

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Web Design and Development Services

WordPress Websites

Powering 43% of all websites on the internet, WordPress is the world’s #1 platform for building websites.

All our websites are custom designed and built with industry standard tools.

E-Commerce Websites

Selling products online? An E-Commerce website is what you need.

Our E-Commerce websites are built with WooCommerce and Shopify, the world’s #1 and #2 platforms for online stores.

Website Hosting

Web hosting is essential for every website. It keeps your website online, affects your website speed and impacts your SEO.

Whether you just want to get by or you want your website to be the fastest around, we have a hosting plan to suit your needs.

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“Very professional, did an excellent job for my shop. Charge reasonably.”

Charlotte X.


“I used Webfurnace for my e-commerce site design and development. Josh was very responsive and professional to give me suggestions not limited to website knowledge but also insightful business ideas. I’m really happy with my website and it looks amazing. Felt really taken care of. Had a great time working with Webfurnace. Would definitely recommend.”

Francis K.

“I highly recommend Webfurnace and especially Josh. He really wants not only to do a good job for his clients and therefore goes that extra mile, but really wants your business to succeed. Highly recommended.”

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If you want customers to make purchases on your website, an eCommerce website is what you need. Otherwise, a regular WordPress website is all you need.

Shopify is better when you’re not too picky about the design and you just want your website to have simple functionality. This is because functionality of Shopify websites are heavily reliant on “themes” and “apps” which are mostly 3rd party tools. Many apps are also subscription based so the more unique functionality you need, the more you’ll need to pay on a monthly basis.

WooCommerce is better if you’re looking for a more custom design or if your website has high functionality requirements.

For a regular website or eCommerce store, the cost is usually somewhere between $1000 –  $7000 depending on size, complexity and a few other factors. There is also a hosting fee separate from the website build which ranges from $30 – $100 per month.


After your website build is completed, it will need to be hosted online to remain online. We offer hosting plans that include ongoing website support in addition to just staying online.

Our general website support includes ongoing website maintenance, free advisory and free help for minor website changes including minor design/content changes, analytics tools and installation of tracking codes. What it doesn’t include is additional services like a detailed SEO strategy or major design changes like new webpages.

If this is what you prefer then definitely. We understand if you just want to keep tweaking sentences and similar elements until they’re perfect but if you’re on one of our hosting plans we’re happy to just go ahead and do these changes for you.

Yes, our websites are “SEO friendly”. Nowadays this term is just thrown in by a lot of companies as a sales tactic where they don’t actually do any SEO work.

Our team actually has SEO expertise so when we say our websites are “SEO friendly” we mean they’re built with elements of on-page SEO already included.

Yes, we provide a range of services for when your goal extends just building a website. Some of these services include, landing pages, Google ads, facebook ads, other social media ads and support with automations.

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